The legendary First Expedition of the Golden Fleece.

Ten years before Deianeira's death was a tumultuous and eventful year in ancient Greece. This was the year in which Hercules joined the Academy and his legend began, as well as the year in which Xena first formed her army to fight against Cortese.

The First Expedition of the Golden Fleece occurred during this time, making future King Jason of Corinth a legend among heroes.





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Background information and notesEdit

Year -10 is the name used by this site to represent events ten years before HTLJ: "The Wrong Path." The placement of these events in this year is based on several factors:

As for placing these events in the same year:

  • All events prior to, and including, "Cram-ped" occur within the same academic term, which is described as a year according to "Get Jason."
  • Given that most of the events from "Girl Trouble" onward occur around harvest time (Fall), I assume that the majority of these episodes is set in the latter half of the year.
  • "Get Jason" occurs in a different year than previous episodes, and the episodes inbetween ("Con Ares" and "Me, Myself and Eye") could take place in either year.

For the most part, this list sticks to airing order. Several episodes, however, were moved out of order to accomodate continuity:

Previous year:
Year -11
Timeline Next year:
Year -9

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