Yakut copy
Yakut in "Them Bones, Them Bones"
Portrayed By Kate Elliott
Created By R.J. Stewart
Series Xena: Warrior Princess
First Appearance "Adventures in the Sin Trade"
Last Appearance "Lifeblood"
Gender Female
Status Deceased
Residence Siberia, Northern Amazon Territory
Race Human (mortal)
Also Known As Northern Amazon Shamaness
Affiliations Xena, Joxer, Otere, Amarice, The Telaquire Amazons, The Northern Amazons, Alti, Eve
Yakut was a recurring character on Xena: Warrior Princess. She was the leader of the Northern Amazon Tribe in Siberia, following in the footsteps of Otere and Cyane I.

Yakut first appeared in Adventures in the Sin Trade. One of the only remaining members of the nearly decimated Northern Amazon tribe, along with her best friend Otere. She was a bit brash and naive, but teamed up with Xena in order to defeat Alti along with her amazon sisters. After Alti was defeated, Xena gave Otere the position of queen and made Yakut the head shamaness.

Later in Them Bones, Them Bones, a pregnant Xena and Gabrielle arrive to the Northern Amazon village in order to get Yakut's help after Xena has a disturbing premonition about her unborn child. It is discovered that Alti wanted the soul of Xena's child, and Yakut was the cause of it when she accidentally released Alti's spirit by attempting to use her bones as a way of channeling her great power for good.

In Lifeblood, it is revealed that Yakut, along with half of the tribe was killed in battle. However, Yakut's spirit comes to Xena, telling her that she is unable to move on because of the vengeful, bloody path that her sisters are going down. Xena and Gabrielle are able to stop this, and Yakut's spirit passes on to the Amazon Land of the Dead.


  • Yakut inheriting the position of leader of the Northern Amazon Tribe was never explained, nor was Otere's absence. The assumed explanation is that Otere had died and given Yakut her Rite of Caste, but this was never said or confirmed.
  • Yakut is named for the Yakut people (Yakut language: Саха, Saxa), a Turkic people associated with the Sakha Republic in Siberia.


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