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King Xenon
Portrayed By Roger Oakley
Appearance "Long Live the King
Affiliations Garantis
Series Hercules: The Legendary Journeys
Cause of Death Arrow
Killed By Niobe

King Xenon was the ambitious ruler of Garantis. When King Orestes of Attica proposed a league of united kingdoms to keep the region peaceful, Xenon had him killed. Iolaus then took the place of Orestes and continued his cousin's plans to visit other kings to propose peace. Xenon accompanied him to Marathon where he had "Orestes" framed for attempting to murder King Phaedron. Iolaus was able to expose Xenon's plot and Queen Niobe killed him before he was able to kill Iolaus.


Memorable QuotationsEdit

"How many horizons does it take to make a world?" - King Xenon

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