Xena from Cradle of Hope with Pillar of Power front

Xena from "Cradle of Hope"

Xena from Cradle of Hope with Pillar of Power

Harem Xena Backboard

Harem Xena with Pillar of PowerEdit

From Wave Two of the ToyBiz Xena: Warrior Princess 6 inch action figure line. This is Xena as seen in "Cradle of Hope" when she must disguise herself as a Harem dancer. 

2015-09-19 23.08.47

Harem Xena attached to the Pillar of Power

This figure comes with a large "Pillar of Power" accessory you need to assemble. Xena's wrists clip into cuffs on a "spinner." The spinner is threaded on to a pole which is supported by a base with a suction cup on the bottom. If you wind the spinner to the top of the pole and let it go, Xena spins down to deliver flying kicks to her enemy. Though the backboard for Wave Two shows that you can remove Xena's veil, the actual figure had the veil glued to the face.

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