This article is about the clones from the "Send in the Clones". For the characters, see either "Xena" or "Gabrielle".
Xena and Gabrielle Clones
Xena and Gabrielle Clone
Portrayed By Lucy Lawless and Renee O'Connor
Appearance "Send in the Clones"
Affiliations Alti, Clea, Polly, Mac
Series Xena: Warrior Princess

Xena and Gabrielle Clones were characters on Xena: Warrior Princess. They were created via 2000-year-old hair strands that had been perfectly preserved. Alti (Under the alias of Alexis Los Alamos) created them, whilst three Xena geeks (Clea, Polly and Mac) compiled tapes that depicted the important parts of their lives, to help awaken them with the correct memories.

Alti began showing the Xena Clone tapes of Xena's evil past, which awoke the clone with both good and bad memories of Xena. The clone had a much more laid back attitude compared to Xena. The Gabrielle Clone ventured out to stop Xena, before she hurt someone, but was arrested and sent to prison, which prompted the Xena Clone to rescue her. When Alexis' true identity was revealed, the Xena Clone defeated her.

Both Clones were presumed destroyed, after a fatal explosion which nothing could have survived. But, they were seen in a limo, enjoying a drink. This implied that a clone of both Xena and Gabrielle are living in a modern day society.

The Xena Clone was played by Lucy Lawless and the Gabrielle Clone was played Renee O'Connor.


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