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Xena II
Portrayed By Lucy Lawless
Series Hercules: The Legendary Journeys
Romances Sovereign
Affiliations Sovereign

Xena II was the Sovereign's lover in the Strange World. She provided him with the Hind's Blood he used to poison Zeus II. She created the Hind's Blood Pendant which would later be so important to events in both realities.

Like all the other inhabitants of the Strange World, her personality and characteristics are almost polar opposites of her warrior princess counterpart. While Xena is calm, serious and always focused, Xena II is loud, flirtatious and a bit ditzy. Nevertheless, as Iolaus noted when he encountered her, she is still quite cunning and manipulative to a degree in that she plays a pivotal role in the Sovereign's plot to take over Olympus

Her physical abilities are also a sharp contrast to Xena's in that she spent her entire fight time against an enraged Aphrodite II in what is more rolling around in wedding cake than a fight. Comically however, Xena II was able to throw her shoe in the same manner as Xena's chakram, hit multiple targets and catch it back on its return, much to her own surprise.

It is likely that she died the first three times that Xena did but was also resurrected each time. She possibly died for good when Xena did in order to stop Yodoshi. But like her counterpart she may also have been reincarnated.



  • Despite Gabrielle II's existence and association with the Sovereign's court, no real relationship was addressed between her and Xena II due to Gabrielle II's minor appearance.
  • In the original script of Stranger and Stranger, Xena II would have risen to become the Empress of the strange world. Lawless was unavailable for filming, so she was replaced with Gina Torres as Nebula II


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