Winner Take All
Series Young Hercules
Season 1
Episode Chronology
Order in Season 17
Previous Episode "Down and Out in Academy Hills"
Next Episode "A Serpent's Tooth"
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Jason, Hercules, Iolaus, and Lilith go to Corinth for the games. They are competing. Jason comments to Hercules that this is the last year he will be partaking in the games because next year he will be king.

Hercules tries to stop a bully fellow competitor, Pollux, from picking on someone and discovers that Pollux and his brother Castor are also his half-brothers since they share the same father, Zeus. Hercules tries to bond with his new brothers and in the process alienates his friends.

Castor and Pollux ask Hercules to join them in the upcoming race. Hercules says he is running with Jason and Iolaus. Pollux gives Hercules a line about how if the sons of Zeus join together they will be unstoppable. Hercules buys in and ditches his friends.

But, when Pollux cheats by injuring Jason during the race, Hercules must decide whose side he is on. Hercules sides with Jason and decides to teach Pollux a lesson.

In the end our guys are friends again and Castor and Pollux leave.

Background InformationEdit

  • Though Hercules supposedly creates the Olympics in HTLJ "Let the Games Begin" in this episode, Pollux says he is already an Olympic champion. This means there must have been a precursor to the Olympics, or Pollux is using the term Olympian to indicate he is a son of Zeus.
  • In real life, Corinth was the host city of the Isthmian Games, an athletic competition of similar structure but lesser prestige than the Olympics. Two rounds of games were held: one in the year preceding the Olympics, and one the year after.

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