Portrayed By Tamati Rice
Appearance "When in Rome..."
Affiliations Gaul, Mendela, Crassus, Julius Caesar
Series Xena: Warrior Princess
Vercinix of Gaul was the leader of the alliance against Caesar's army marching on Gaul. He is captured by Caesar, so that he can execute him in the Colosseum. Xena attempts to rescue him by trading him for Crassus (Of whom she captures herself), one of Caesar's most valuable commanders.

Caesar double-crosses Xena and her plan changes. She breaks into the prison and swaps Crassus for Vercinix. When Crassus is bought out into the arena, Caesar is forced to execute who the public think is Vercinix - although it is actually Crassus.

Background informationEdit

  • Vercinix is based on the historical Vercingetorix, a major Gaulish leader in the 1st century BCE. Unlike his Xenaverse counterpart, Vercingetorix was indeed executed by Caesar, though at the climax of a triumphal parade rather than in the arena.
  • Vercinix was played by Tamati Rice, a casting choice which race-bends the character, as the historical Gauls were most likely fair-skinned.

Appearances Edit

Xena: Warrior Princess Edit

  1. "When in Rome..."

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