Typhon in "Monster Child in the Promised Land"
Portrayed By Glenn Shadix
First Appearance HTLJ "Cast a Giant Shadow"
Last Appearance HTLJ "Monster Child in the Promised Land"
Gender Male
Status Alive
Race Giant
Romances Echidna
Brother(s) Typhoon
Son(s) Stymphalian Bird, Obie
Daughter(s) Lernaean Hydra, She-Demon

Typhon the giant was married to Echidna. Together, they parented such creatures as the Hydra, She-Demon, Stymphalian Bird, and Obie among others. Typhon had a calming influence on Echidna. When Hera realized that she could use Echidna if the monster were angry and bitter, the goddess captured Typhon and imprisoned him in a boulder for over a century. Hercules encountered Typhon and set him free. Though Typhon was greatly saddened that Hercules had killed his children, he understood the necessity of their deaths as they had become evil monsters under Hera's influence. Hercules reunited Typhon and Echidna. (HTLJ "Cast a Giant Shadow")

When his newborn son, Obie, was kidnapped by Klepto, Typhon went with Hercules to retrieve him. Initially ready to kill Klepto for his crime, Typhon came to realize that Klepto actually cared for Obie. He convinced Echidna of the same and Klepto became Obie's babysitter. (HTLJ "Monster Child in the Promised Land")

Typhon had a twin brother named Typhoon whom Hercules met. (HTLJ "Beanstalks and Bad Eggs")


Background Edit

  • In the original myth, Typhon was a monster more hideous and terrible than all of his children combined, with a hundred dragon's heads instead of hands, viper's coils instead of legs, and wings large enough to blot out the sun. He was the ultimate foe of Zeus, created by either Gaea or Hera and it took all Olympians working in concert to trap him beneath Mount Etna.

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