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Top God
Top god 04
Hercules vs. Apollo
Series Hercules: The Legendary Journeys
Season 4
Original Air-Date May 4, 1998
Written By Paul Robert Coyle (story)
Jerry Patrick Brown (teleplay)
Directed By Charles Siebert
Episode Chronology
Previous Episode "Twilight"
Next Episode "Reunions"
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Mourning Alcmene's death, Hercules gets a surprise visit from Zeus. On top of that, Zeus makes him a stunning offer to become a full god. Given the many issues between them, Hercules is torn over what to do. Also factoring into his decision is his reminiscing over his previous brush with godhood. Years ago, he took Ambrosia from Apollo – the experience making him rather arrogant, giving him the wrong kind of attention and providing him a new enemy.


The episode begins as Herc and Zeus are walking through the woods. Zeus tells Herc that he's at a turning point in his life and needs to make a big decsion. Zeus thinks Hercules should be nice to him and Hercules avoids his father and walks away, asking why Zeus did not care about Alcmene and him. Meanwhile at Jasons house, Jason and Iolaus are still in tears over Alcmenes death and Jason tells Iolaus that Alcmene thought of Iolaus as her son. Herc and Zeus still talk as Herc picks some flowers up for his moms grave. Zeus shows up and says he cares and wants to take Hercules to Mount Olympus, to become a full immortal and god. Herc refuses and says that he does not want to be a god. Zeus says that Herc can help more people up there and people would like him more. Herc than remembers when he first had a chance to be a god and he did it to impress his father.

In flashbacks, Young Hercules and Young Jason are heading towards Corinth when they have to save Apollo's girlfriend from a band of thugs. They beat up the thugs and Apollo shows up on his hoverboard like object to clear away the thugs. He greets Hercules and has him come to his temple nearby, as Jason heads back to his castle in Corinth. Apollo mentions that Zeus often talks about Hercules and that Hera and Zeus argue all the time and Hercs name comes up in those arguements. Apollo gives Herc a hoverboard and they fly off, with Herc getting the hang of the thing after a while.
Apollo shows Herc some ambrosia and Hercules swallows some and Young Hercules becomes a full time god and seems very excited and happy about the situation. Apollo and Young Herc make silly grins and laughs.

Ariadne and Hercules talk. Hercules shows off his power to Ariadne by breaking a vase with a powerbolt. Apollo is upset and brings him to ride the hoverboard. All the people from the temple stand and watch them hoveroff into the woods. If Herc loses, he must polish Apollo's board and if Young Herc wins, he gets the board for his own use. The two gods hover past woods, past hills and more.Apollo gives nasty smirks to Herc every once in a while but they seem calm and don't argue. As they approach a cliff, they use there godly powers to dissapear and there board crash into the rocks and expload.

Meanwhile in the present, Herc and Iolaus talk and Herc starts creating the tombstone for the grave of Alcmene. Herc wanders off and Iolaus worrys. Herc goes inside the barn to work and Zeus appears and wants Hercs choice. Herc is mad because Zeus did not save Dieaneria and the children, or Serena. Zeus responds by telling Herc to stop "Poor Me" all the time. Zeus gives Hercules some time to make a choice and Iolaus walks in and tells Hercules, after Herc tells Iolaus was just happened, its a bad idea to go to Olympus. Hercules thinks he might need to go because Zeus may be right.
But in flashbacks, Young Jason is telling Young Herc to being a god is a bad idea and that using his godly powers to defeat a invading army is wrong and will start a war. Stubborn Hercules breaks a hole in The castle wall and leaves upset and ticked at Young Jason.
Herc dissapears and appears on a road and throws a rock into the sky. Apollo shows up and tells Herc not to worry about mortals, because there jealous of gods. Herc is miffed at Jason. The boys leave as Jason meanwhile rallys his troops in Corinth. Apollo and Herc stand around, invisible as gods, and pull Jasons pants down and embaress him in front of his troops. Jasons mad at Hercules but Herc just leaves. Herc apologizes but Jason does not believe it. As the boys go back to the road, Herc is upset because Apollo took the thing too far and ruined the friendship of Herc and Jason.
Apollo leaves and Zeus appears and tells Hercules, who badmouths Zeus, to respect his father. Herc has his first ever meeting with Zeus, Herc questions his father and Zeus is upset with his son, because he ate ambrosia.
Zeus thinks Herc should have known better and just wanted to get his fathers attention. Herc leaves and says he shouldnt waist his time feeling sorry for Zeus.

In the present, Herc places the tombstone on Alcmenes grave and Jason and Iolaus tell Hercules that they think it might be a great idea for Herc to go to Olympus. They think Herc could keep Ares, Discord, and the other gods in line where they live. They want Herc to go because Hercules misses his father. The two think Zeus has changed thanks to Hercules and Herc says his heart tells him to go but not too.

Now he has more flashbacks, as Ariadne and Young Herc walk around. They start to like each other and Ariadne does not have many nice words for Apollo. Ariadne likes Apollo but hates the way he treats her. Ariadne says there only talking and Apollo gives Ariadne to Hercules, because he does not want her anymore. Herc is upset as Apollo, because Ariadne means nothing to Apollo, because Apollo claims to be a god.

Young Herc and Ariadne chat near a well--she's all upset and Hercules thinks she should forget about hanging around the gods.
Herc thinks Ariadne is special but he can't say more because Apollo hovers into town and tears down the market and almost kills sevral innocenet people. Young Herc and Apollo have a staredown after Herc grabs the hoverboard from under apollo and Apollo crashes down.

They agree to fight later that day in Apollo's temple. If Herc beats Apollo, Apollo must leave the villagers alone.
Zeus appears and Herc asks Zeus to take away his god power. Zeus thinks Herc can fight better as an immortal against a god but Herc wants to take the other way cause he's a true hero. Zeus takes away the godly powers from Herc, leaving him with his good heart and strength and half immortal power and strength.

Herc goes back to Corinth to see Jason, who's training. They have a practice fight and head off the Apollo's temple to have a showdown. At Apollo's Temple, Apollo has Ariadne hung above a fan and if the candle burns the rope, she will fall down into the fans fastmoving blades or perhaps on her head, which will knock her senseless and/or kill her. Hercules runs over to her, but Apollo kicks him and starts to throw Young Herc around. Jason charges Apollo and Apollo throws a powerbolt at Jason, which sends the young king down. The boys continue to fight and swing into each others kicks, via the lamps above the ground. Herc throws Apollo down the bar counter and Mormas seems pleased. Finally Apollo has enough and leaves, as Hercules leaps over and catches a falling Ariadne. She thanks him.

Present day, Zeus asks Hercules to make a choice. Zeus is proud that his son gave up a chance to fight Apollo as a god before and Herc decides to go with Zeus.

He shakes Jasons hand and calls him "friend" and hugs Iolaus and calls him "brother", as Iolaus starts to cry. Iolaus and Jason look sad as Hercules takes Zeus' hands and Zeus fills Hercules with the powers of a god. Iolaus and Jason than look as both disapear and make a godly exit. Jason and Iolaus continue to draw some tears but know that Hercules has done the best thing and can now be even more or a hero.


No Boogie-Boarding, Bleached-Blonde, Narcissistic Gods were harmed during the production of this motion picture.


Background InformationEdit

  • This is the last of the series' four "Young Hercules" episodes. The following fall, the spin-off would premiere on FOX Kids in America (with Ryan Gosling taking over the title role).
  • This episode details Hercules' first (official) meeting with Zeus.
  • This episode also attempts to show the first meeting between Hercules and Apollo, though the latter's appearances on Young Hercules retcon it.
  • After becoming a full god (both in the past and the present), Hercules doesn't display the all-white eye color changes that both Callisto and Velasca experienced in "A Necessary Evil". This may be because unlike them, he is half-god.
  • When talking with Zeus, Hercules references the deaths of his family ("The Wrong Path") and Serena ("Judgment Day").
  • Interestingly, the subject of Hera is never raised when Hercules is contemplating Zeus' offer, while his other Olympian enemies (Ares and Discord) are. Hera's reaction will be featured in the very next episode, however.
  • During the teaser, Zeus tells Hercules he was always "a great deal closer" than previously thought. An instance of this would later be shown in "Valley of the Shadow", the series finale of Young Hercules.

Memorable QuotationsEdit

"If you were meant to be a god, you would have been born a god. You are what you were meant to be – what the Fates destined you to be."
"You're mad. I finally figured out a way to get your attention, and you're mad."
"Oh, you got my attention all right, but I don't know if you're gonna like it."
"I'm really sorry that the first time we met was like this. I can't help that now."
"Well, I wouldn't waste time feeling sorry for yourself."
"Not only for me. I feel every bit as sorry for you."

Zeus and Young Hercules

"You learned a lot that day."
"I learned a lot about myself. I wanted to be something I wasn't. Being a full god was not for me."
"No, not then."
"Were you disappointed that I turned my back on being a god? Turned my back on you?"
"I, um, I was never more proud. But you had other lessons to learn – a life to live. You could see that even then."

Zeus and Hercules

"My friend. Hey. My brother."

Hercules bids farewell to Jason and Iolaus, respectively

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