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King Tolas
King Tolas
Portrayed By Chic Littlewood
Series HTLJ
Only Appearance HTLJ "War Bride"
Gender Male
Residence Alcinea
Race Mortal
Also Known As King of Alcinea
Cause of Death suffocated to death by a pillow
Killed By Alexa
Affiliations Melissa
Fist of Tolas
Other Family Gordius (son-in-law by Melissa)

King Tolas of Alcinea was famed in his youth for his weapons of war including the Fist of Tolas. In his later years he regreted his warlike ways and planned to make peace with neighbouring Lathia by marrying his eldest daughter, Melissa to Prince Gordius. His younger daughter, Alexa murdered Tolas and briefly usurped the throne until Hercules and Iolaus helped Melissa re-claim it.


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