Portrayed By David Aston
Series Xena: Warrior Princess
Gender Male
Status Alive
Residence Greece
Race Centaur (mortal)
Affiliations Phantes, Deric, Lyla, Kefor, Ephiny, Xenan, Nica, Borias II, Leana, Belach, Natassa, Borias, The Centaurs, Kaleipus, The Amazons, Melosa, Xena, The Battle of Corinth,
Son(s) Phantes
Other Family Deric (nephew)
Lyla (neice-in-law)
Kefor (great-nephew)
Ephiny (daughter-in-law)
Xenan (grandson)
Nica (granddaughter-in-law)
Borias II (great-grandson)
Leana (daughter-in-law)
Belach (son-in-law)
Natassa (sister-in-law)
Borias (brother-in-law)

Tildus the Great was involved in the Battle of Corinth, a fierce fight waged between Xena's army, the Corinthians and the Centaurs. He was one of the commanders of the Centaurs, working closely with his good friend Kaleipus, the Centaur that Xena entrusted with Solan.

His son, Phantes, was framed for the murder of Terreis.

Appearances and MentionsEdit

  1. "Hooves and Harlots"
  2. "Past Imperfect" (Mentioned)

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