Thrace sign
Sign for Thrace in "Pride Comes Before a Brawl"
First Appearance HTLJ "Pride Comes Before a Brawl"
Location Greece

Thrace is an ancient region of northeast Greece. It contains Xena's hometown Amphipolis.

Young Hercules

Though not actually seen, the Barker mentions having brought his show to Thrace, where it was apparently a big hit with the king.

Iolaus mentioned Hercules fighting a Sea Serpent in Tharce. ("Hercules in the Maze of the Minotaur").

Hercules and Iolaus were headed to the Games in 'Thrace when Nemesis came looking for Iolaus because of his pride (HTLJ: "Pride Comes Before a Brawl").

Jarton was killed in battle by a mercenary in Thrace. His body was then inhabited by Ares who used it to begin a war in Tantalus (HTLJ: "The Vanishing Dead").

Lea's parents were killed by Traicus in Thrace (HTLJ: "The Sword of Veracity").

Thrace is home to a Centaur colony where Ephiny was taking her son Xenan (HTLJ: "Prodigal Sister").

Background informationEdit

  • In real life, Thrace was a region on the northeastern fringe of Greece, beyond Amphipolis and adjacent to Macedonia. Although a rugged frontier region during the Classical period, centuries of Macedonian and later Roman dominion rendered the term largely obsolete, as it was incorporated wholly into those empires. Today, the ancient region is divided between the modern Greek state and Bulgaria.
  • The sign pointing to Thrace in "Pride Comes Before a Brawl" is in fact utter gibberish. The first and fifth letters are not Greek at all and the remaining letters (ΛΠΣ) are lambda (L), pi (P) and sigma (S). "Thrace" in ancient Greek is ΘΡΑΚΗ.

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