Portrayed By Martyn Sanderson
Appearance Hercules and the Circle of Fire
Affiliations 50 Daughters of King Thespius, Athens
Series Hercules: The Legendary Journeys

Thespius was a prominent citizen of Athens who later became a King in his own right. He had fifty daughters.

While still a citizen of Athens, he and three of his daughters stayed at an inn near Mt. Aethion during the period when Hera had stolen fire from mortals. They encountered Hercules there.[1]

Later, sometime after becoming a King, he asked Hercules to sire a child for each of his daughters. The daughters pursued Hercules until he convinced them he would only father a child with a woman he loved.[2]

At the wedding of Jason and Alcmene, Hercules asked Thespius' oldest daughter how the king was. She told him he was well.[3]


Thespius was played by Martyn Sanderson in his one appearance.


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