Thebes in "Not Fade Away"
Series Hercules: The Legendary Journeys
First Appearance HTLJ, Not Fade Away
Last Appearance HTLJ, Reunions
Location Greece
Inhabitants Iolaus

Thebes is the home of Iolaus. Deianeira and her sister were also born here.

In Iolaus's youth, Thebes prepared to go to war with Sparta. (Young Hercules: "Con Ares") Not long afterwards, Discord amused herself by getting involved with (or causing) a property disputed in Thebes.

Hera sent her soldiers and the Enforcer II to attack Thebes when her worship in the area declined. (HTLJ "Not Fade Away")

Following the death of Alcmene, Hercules became a full god, and Iolaus, processing these events, visited his mother Erythia, who still lived in Thebes. ("Reunions")


  • Parts of Thebes have been destroyed and rebuilt several times due to the shenanigans of the Olympians.
  • Thebes is the hometown of Herakles in mythology, but the series implies he grew up closer to Corinth.
  • Thebes was portrayed as a rustic village with wooden homesteads, when it was in fact one of the most notable Greek cities in both Mycenaean and Classical times. It was known for its stone wall with seven great gates.