Xena Thief of Hermes

Thief of Hermes Cover

The Thief of Hermes is a novel written by Ru Emerson set in the Xenaverse and published in 1997. In the story Xena and Gabrielle are accused as cutpurses and spend an unpleasant night in prison. They're released with the help of a young boy named Kratos, a fellow bard named Peder and the village baker and his son. As Xena and Gabrielle make their escape they realize that the city of Athens has grown corrupt in the absence of King Theseus and enlist the aid of his wife, Queen Hippolyta. The title of the book comes from the character Helarion a trickster thief who frames Gabrielle with stealing a purse and who claims to be the demi-god son of Hermes.

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