The King of Assassins
Normal kingofassassins 02
Jett attempts to kill Cleopatra
Series Xena: Warrior Princess
Season 3
Antagonist Jett
Setting Greece
Original Air-Date November 17, 1997
Written By Adam Armus & Nora Kay Foster
Directed By Bruce Campbell
Episode Chronology
Order in Series 054
Order in Season 8
Previous Episode The Debt II
Next Episode Warrior... Priestess... Tramp
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The King of Assassins TITLE
Joxer's evil twin brother, Jett, is out to commit an assassination. To stop him, Joxer must team-up with Gabrielle and a reluctant Autolycus.



"Looks like you've been pecked by a chicken."

Xena ushers a criminal to his jail cell and is surprised to run across Joxer, who has been locked up in the same prison for stealing the guard's prized hen. When Xena laughs at him, Joxer begins to think that with some changes, he could, in fact, become dangerous. Meanwhile, Autolycus, the King of Thieves, and a masked man are breaking into a warlord's vault. After stealing the jeweled sword they came for, the masked man kills the warlord with his crossbow. As Autolycus protests the murder, the man rips off his mask to reveal -- Joxer!


Autolycus and Joxer meet for the first time.

The next day, a nervous Autolycus runs into Joxer in the marketplace. As he quickly hands over the jeweled sword, he confesses that Joxer is a bit too dangerous for his taste and suggests that they split up. Joxer is savoring being thought of as dangerous when Gabrielle approaches, grabs him by the ear and balls him out for making her wait for him. Autolycus is very confused by this and tells them that the previous night, he was with a man who looked exactly like Joxer, but he was a killer. Joxer reveals that the man was undoubtedly his twin brother Jett, a professional assassin. Deducing that Jett must be getting ready to kill someone with the stolen sword,

Gabrielle devises a plan for Autolycus to sneak into the castle.

Gabrielle decides they must stop him even without the help of Xena, who is away fighting Malcor. Gabrielle's plan calls for Autolycus to sneak the stolen sword into the castle chamber where Jett told him to leave the weapon and wait for Jett to make contact. Autolycus reluctantly agrees.

Autolycus enters the designated castle chamber, throws a rope out the window to Gabrielle and Joxer down below and leaps into hiding just as an incredibly beautiful woman and her chambermaid enter the room. As the woman starts to undress, Autolycus shuts the window which severs the rope. The woman turns out to be Cleopatra, who has come to buy the best army Greece has to offer in order invade Egypt and reclaim her throne from her brother Ptolemy. Cleopatra soon discovers Autolycus and demands to know who he is. He tells her that if she is looking for the best warrior, there is none better than Xena.

Meanwhile, Gabrielle and Joxer have let the guards take them prisoner in order to get into the castle. But they are released from the dungeon by Pontius, Queen Cleopatra's chief of security, when Joxer warns him that there's going to be an assassination attempt on Cleopatra. Pontius closes down all entrances to the castle and asks Gabrielle and Joxer to stay as guests of the Queen. Pontius, who it turns out is actually the traitor responsible for hiring the assassin, thinks Joxer is Jett. Joxer tricks Gabrielle and locks her into a cell for her own protection before setting off to find Jett. By now, Jett has found Autolycus who, at first, assumes he is Joxer. Jett tells Autolycus to charm Cleopatra into dismissing her guards and that will be his sign to attack. Once inside her royal chamber, Cleopatra practically seduces the King of Thieves and dismisses her guards. Autolycus then realizes what's happening and demands that the guards stay.

When Jett and Joxer finally come face to face, Jett begins taunting his brother as Joxer warns him not to lay a finger on Cleopatra or Gabrielle. Meanwhile, Gabrielle, who has managed to escape from her cell, disguises herself as a chambermaid and enters Cleopatra's room where Autolycus is lounging with the Queen. She and Autolycus decide they need to enlist the help of Pontius before telling Cleopatra what's going on. After Gabrielle finds Pontius to tell him who the assassin is, Autolycus and Joxer show up and Pontius' men draw their swords on the trio.

Believing Joxer is Jett, Pontius orders his men to throw Gabrielle and Autolycus into the dungeon. Finally, Xena appears on the scene and lays out a plan -- Gabrielle will find Joxer, Autolycus will find Jett and Xena will find Cleopatra. Jett continues his hunt for Cleopatra and when he enters her chambers, Autolycus is with her. Joxer then arrives and tries to stop his brother. As Jett moves on Cleopatra, Xena shows up and a fierce sword fight ensues. When Pontius and his guards join the battle, Xena handles Pontius while Gabrielle and Autolycus deal with the guards. When Pontius tries to kill the innocent Joxer, Jett surprises everyone by hurling the stolen sword into Pontius' back, killing him. In the end, Xena arranges for Jett to be tried in the town of Merimas where execution is not permitted -- Jett will be imprisoned for life instead.


Due to the infliction of a severe wedgie, Joxer was slightly uncomfortable but not seriously harmed during the production of this motion picture.

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Memorable QuotationsEdit

Jett:Nice clothes!

Joxer: Thanks!

Jett: Copy cat. Hey, is Jace here too?

Joxer: Don't mension our brother's name in public!

"Why exactly is he here?"
"He knows Jett."
"No, in a grander sense, why is he here?"

Autolycus and Gabrielle discuss Joxer

"I don't think so. I'm not as dumb as he looks."
"Yeah, I'm not half as d—"

Autolycus and Joxer

"Autolycus, an innocent person is going to die."
"No, he isn't because he's leaving. Goodbye."

Gabrielle and Autolycus

"Who are you?"
"Who am I? Who am I? Uh, that's a very good question. Under the circumstances, I would say that is an excellent question."

Cleopatra and Autolycus

"Nobody hurts my brother… except me."


"I'm sorry, Jett."
"No hard feelings. Hey, I hear they're sending me to the prison in Miramus. Give me a chance to catch up with Dad. Joxer, you got a good thing going here. Don't blow it. Don't let anyone tell you who you are or who you could be. That includes family. Hey, hang onto that little blonde. She's pretty smart.

Joxer and Jett

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