The Giant Killer
Giantkiller 02
David prepares for battle with Goliath
Series Xena: Warrior Princess
Season 2
Antagonist Goliath, Dagon
Setting Greece
Original Air-Date October 14th, 1996
Story By Terrence Winters
Directed By Gary Jones
Episode Chronology
Order in Series 027
Order in Season 3
Previous Episode Remember Nothing
Next Episode Girls Just Wanna Have Fun
Title Image
Giant Killer TITLE

Xena's old friend, Goliath, calls for help. Meanwhile, Gabrielle begins to get close to David of the Israelites.


The story begins when Xena and Gabrielle go walking in a giant graveyard where Xena is planning on meeting an old friend. The friend ends up being the giant Goliath who saved Xena's life ten years previous.

The giant is now a part of the Philistine army in order to find the man who killed his family while he saved Xena. The Philistines, meanwhile, capture a band of Israelites including a young psalmist named David.

Xena helps protect the Israelites which ultimately creates a rift between her, Goliath and the Philistines.

As the Philistines and Israelites fight each other, Xena attempts to stop the battle by issuing a direct challenge to Goliath. Xena plans on hitting the giant's one weak spot which is right between the eyes. Fortunately for Goliath, he comes prepared with a helmet. As Xena and Goliath battle, the Philistines launch a sneak attack on the Israelites which kills their leader. A retreat is made after which point both David and Xena realize the importance of David facing the giant in order to step up as the Israelites' new leader.
Xena vs Goliath, The Giant Killer

Xena vs Goliath in the penultimate showdown

In the final battle, David prays for good weather and when the sun comes out, the Israelites reflect the sun's rays off their shields and into Goliath's eyes. This causes him to remove his helmet which allows David a clear shot with his sling. A critical hit is made with his stone and the giant Goliath falls to the ground.

In his dying moments, Goliath makes peace with Xena and expresses the hope to see his family in the afterlife.


No Bible myths or icons were irreparably mangled during the production of this motion picture.

Background InformationEdit

This episode, of course, is taken from the Biblical story of David and Goliath, told in the book of 1 Samuel. However, aside from Xena and Gabrielle's intervention, the episode takes liberties with the story. King Saul's heir, Jonathan, did not die in the battle against Goliath, but in a later battle against the Philistines which also resulted in the deaths of his father and brothers. David's bethrothed is named Sarah but according to the scriptures his first wife was named Michal.

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