The Eye of the Ram
Herc 3 Eye of Ram
Hercules and Salmoneus
Series Hercules: The Legendary Journeys
Publisher Boulevard Books
Antagonist Dragar Illarius
Setting Nevila, Phyphe, Year 2
Reference(s) ISBN 1-57297-224-6
Chapters 22
Pages 211
Release Date February 1997
Author Timothy Boggs
Book Chronology
Order in Series 3
Order in Publication 3
Previous Book Serpent's Shadow
Next Book The First Casualty

Hercules joins the Salmoneus Traveling Theater of Fun, in order to investigate the mysterious transformation of the villager Garus into a frog.

Publisher's summaryEdit

It is called the Theater of Fun. Run by Hercules' friend Salmoneus, the traveling troupe has dancing girls, jugglers, comedians, and a first-rate magician named Dragar. But Hercules is about to discover that there is a fine line between magic... and sorcery.
Dragar is far more dangerous than anyone realizes. He's very close to achieving the power he needs to conquer the world. But that power may be coming from a far more sinister source. Something – or someone – is ready to destroy the one thing standing in the way: Hercules.


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