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The Cave of Echoes
Cave of echoes 10
Hercules, Iolaus and Parentheses in the Cave of Echoes
Series Hercules: The Legendary Journeys
Season 2
Original Air-Date June 24, 1996
Written By John Schulian and Robert Bielak
Directed By Gus Trikonis
Episode Chronology
Previous Episode "Centaur Mentor Journey"
Next Episode "Mercenary"
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Cave of echoes title


Hercules has been summoned to help a man find his daughter, who he says was taken into a cave by a monster, but gives little other detail in the summons. Accompanied by Iolaus, along the way they encounter a group of merchants about to hang a writer for giving them bad press. Saved by the duo, Parenthesis wishes to accompany them on their next adventure to write about it, being a fan of their past exploits. Reluctantly Hercules and Iolaus let him come along.

Arriving at they cave they meet Elopius, who says his daughter must be in the cave with a vicious monster, whose roars can be heard from the outside. Hercules recognizes the place as the Cave of Echoes. Leaving Parenthesis with Elopius, they go in looking for Melina, the lost daughter.

In the cave, its name becomes apparent when a shout echoes back as a thunderous roar. Iolaus leaves a trail of string behind so they can find their way out, but soon Parenthesis appears with ball of string in hand, wishing to witness the rescue. Not wishing to lose time by taking back out, again he accompanies the heroes. As they travel, Hercules and Iolaus relate past adventures to Parenthesis, who is eager to hear all about them. Often the story relates to the conversation the trio are having. Also, Parenthesis is shown to be a bit of a coward, and afraid of the dark after he also causes a thunderous echo that blows out their torch. Once the torch is lit, however, he shows initiative to get to the rescue.

Finally, they come upon Melina, who is trapped in a crevace and held there by an unknown force. Deciding to help Parenthesis gain confidence, and make him out as the hero, Hercules lowers him down to save Melina. Cutting the branch that was holding her, they help her up, and she gives her gratitude to Parenthesis for helping her. Instead of leaving though, Melina heads towards the still roaring monster. Following her, the heroes find the fearsome roar was actually the meow of her pet kitten, Zeus.

Reuniting Melina with her father, Elopius, and properly introducing Parenthesis, Hercules and Iolaus have little time to rest as a woman runs up and calls for help to save her village from a warlord. The heroes head of to the rescue once again.


No Vicious Tabby Cats were harmed during the production of this motion picture. However, the Pre-Hellenic Litter Box is in dire need of a change.


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