The Teahouse
The Teahouse
The Teahouse in "A Friend in Need Part I"
Series Xena: Warrior Princess
First Appearance "A Friend in Need Part I"
Last Appearance "A Friend in Need Part II"
Location Jappa
Inhabitants Akemi, Ayako, Miyuki, Xena

The Teahouse was a building in Jappa. Like most teahouses, this one served as a rest stop for travelers, where they could drink tea, play a game, and rest for the night. This particular teahouse, however, was a supernatural trap. It was inhabitated by Akemi and three other women, all ghosts, who would seduce men to the teahouse and get them to drop their guard to the ladies' hospitality. At that point, one of the women would use a magic anklet to summon Yodoshi, who would consume the souls of the travelers.

After many years, Akemi finally enacted a plan to end Yodoshi's reign of terror. Impressed with Kenji's dedication to his monastic vows, she rescued him from her father and sent him to locate one whom she new could defeat Yodoshi: a warrior princess.

When Xena followed Akemi's message and returned to Jappa, she arranged to be killed by Morimoto. She then joined Yodoshi's coterie at the teahouse, working with Akemi and some of the other disillusioned ghosts to end his reign of terror once and for all.

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