Sumeria in "Faith"
Series Hercules: The Legendary Journeys

Sumeria is a collection of city-states in the land of Mesopotamia, a region located between the Tigris and Euphrates Rivers flowing into the Persian Gulf. It is home to the Sumerian people and encompasses the Sumerian Empire with its capital often changing with each ruler coming into power. It is located in what is now known as Southern Iraq.

Sumeria was ruled by King Gilgamesh, the demi god son of Ra until Gilgamesh became a follower of Dahak and was killed by Hercules. Rule then passed to Queen Nebula, Gilgamesh's half-sister (HTLJ "Faith").


  • Sumer is generally accepted by archaeologists as one of the first civilizations to emerge, appearing in the chronological record two millennia before the first Greek civilization.
  • Sumeria's inhabitants were portrayed as predominantly dark-skinned to accommodate the conception that Nebula was a princess of the land. In archaeology, there is no clear consensus on what the Sumerians looked like.


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