Sparta is one of the many city-states or kingdoms of Greece, home to the Spartans. It is located in the Peloponnese, and includes several villages, such as Mizola. (XWP: "One Against an Army")


Prison ships, like the Enyalios, transported wanted men to Sparta.

The court system was operated by a magistrate. Trials were allowed to occur without the presence of the accused (in abstentia) and counsel was not guaranteed. (HTLJ: "Mercenary")


  • Marcus was one of Sparta's magistrates, and was known for being more interested in furthering his career than the individuals he judged. He held Spartan law in high esteem over even common justice. (HTLJ: "Mercenary")
  • Derkus Petronicus was arrested and tried for the murder of a public Spartan official named Lycus. He was found guilty in abstentia and sentenced to death by hanging. With the help of Hercules he escaped his sentence and left Sparta to be with his family. (HTLJ: "Mercenary")

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