Sovereign in "Stranger in a Strange World"
Portrayed By Kevin Sorbo
Patrick Kake (Double)
Series Hercules: The Legendary Journeys
First Appearance "Stranger in a Strange World"
Last Appearance "Stranger and Stranger"
Gender Male
Status Deceased
Residence The Strange Reality
Race Demi-god
Also Known As Hercules II
Cause of Death Stabbed with the Hind's Blood Dagger
Killed By Ares
Romances Xena II
Aphrodite II
Mother Alcmene II
Father Zeus II
Brother(s) Ares II, others
Sister(s) Aphrodite II, others
Other Family Cupid II (Nephew)

The Sovereign or Hercules II was an evil tyrant in the Strange World. He poisoned Zeus II with Hind's Blood he obtained from his lover Xena II in order to force Aphrodite II to marry him so he could become king of the gods (HTLJ "Stranger in a Strange World").


Early Life and Encounter with Prime Reality's IolasEdit

He's the son of Alcmene much like his Prime Xenaverse counterpart, but she abandoned him as a child. He would grow up to become a war lord and is looking to take Olympus from his father Zeus. He was also going to marry Aphrodite, the Queen of the Gods, much like Hera is in the prime reality. He also had a mistress, Xena, who had a hinde's blood pendant around her neck which resembled the prime reality's Xena's charaham. Sovereign had to deal with the resistance which is lead by Joxer, a very skilled and noble warrior, but he always beat them back.

One day, his Iolas trade places with the prime reality's Iolas when a portal opened during a battle between prime universe's Hercules and Ares. The prime reality's Iolas helped the resistance and returned home and helped trap the Sovereign between worlds before he married Aphrodite.

Imprisonment and Encounter with HerculesEdit

The Sovereign would find a way out when Ares and goddess Callisto brought him out of the void. They took his hines blood necklace he took from Xena and he was as he would yell out "DISAPPOINTED!" So he went out in a fit of rage tried to wreck a small town. But Hercules and Iolas stopped him. Hercules figured out that Ares brought him back along with Callisto. However, Ares and Callisto trapped both Hercules and the Sovereign in the void. Little did anyone know, Callisto was secretly working with Hope and Dahak. After she killed the minor god Strife, Callisto, under orders from Hope, went back in time to kill Alcmene before Hercules was born, making Ares send back Iolas in pursuit of her.

Meanwhile the Sovereign would continue to fight Hercules in a few fights which would end in a stalemate because of they were equal to each other in strength, intellect, and skill-set. The Sovereign was banking on Iolas to fail to save Alcmene, which would mean the death of his mother. Callisto suceeded which meant that Hercules and the Sovereign were both to remain in the void forever. However Iolas would go back in time again and save her and Hercules would escape, leaving the Sovereign trapped.


Ares would later on travel to the void after the war against Dahak was over and take the hines blood necklace from him and killed The Sovereign before telling him that one of his allies betrayed him.



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