In "Not Fade Away"
Portrayed By Bruce Allpress
First Appearance HTLJ "Not Fade Away"
Last Appearance HTLJ "Redemption"
Gender Male
Status Deceased
Residence Underworld
Race Mortal
Romances Erythia
Mother Leandra of Syllabus
Son(s) Iolaus
Other Family Ania (daughter-in-law)

General Skouros was Iolaus' father. He was the son of Leandra. Because he was often away at war, he and Iolaus grew to have a strained relationship which was not repaired until Iolaus died for one day and met Skouros in the Underworld. (HTLJ "Not Fade Away")

Later, when Gilgamesh killed Iolaus, Dahak used an image of Skouros to tempt Iolaus into becoming one with him. (HTLJ "Redemption")

Skouros was born in the cursed village of Syllabus. When he was three years old, he was outside the town, playing by the river. It was then that Hephaestus cursed Syllabus and made the town disappear for fifty years. Skouros was spared and raised by adoptive parents. He was wearing the necklace that Iolaus wears when he was found. (HTLJ "Love Takes a Holiday")



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