In Your Dreams | Episodes of Young Hercules | Golden Bow

Series Young Hercules
Season 1
Episode Chronology
Order in Series 29th in Series
Previous Episode In Your Dreams
Next Episode Golden Bow
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Hercules and Jason are hanging around Kora's. They are trying to get her to lighten up and go out with them. While they are talking, Kora's sister, Cleo, who has been gone for four years, arrives.

The guys are stunned. Before long Cleo has impressed everyone. The guys start ignoring Kora and Kora starts hating the lack of attention she is getting.

Cleo hires a band. Kora decides to become Cleo. She dresses like her, and sets her hair like her. At first the guys are surprised, then they are worried that she has gone crazy.

Kora storms out, leaving Cleo in charge. Kora gets kidnapped by two thugs who mistake her for Cleo.

Hercules and Jason become waiters and help out Cleo. But when things start to get crazy everyone wants Kora. A customer walks in and mentions that she just saw two thugs dragging a girl who looked a lot like Cleo down the lake.

Cleo tells the guys that she was running from a group of thugs and that they probably grabbed Kora thinking she was her. Hercules, Jason, and Cleo set out to rescue Kora.

The guys take on the thugs and save Kora. Kora agrees to pay Cleo's debt. Cleo decides to join the band and leave. Kora returns to her old self and everything is okay again.

Background InformationEdit

  • Strictly speaking, Kora shouldn't have needed rescuing, given the Power of the Huntress, which would ironically appear in the very next episode.

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