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Portrayed By Various
Affiliations Muse Terpsichore (mother) Calliope (aunt)
Series Xena: Warrior Princess
Young Hercules
Battle for Mount Olympus

The Sirens are the servants of Poseidon, whose unearthly singing lures sailors to their deaths as they steer their ships into the rocks. No man can resist their song, but (as Xena demonstrated) women are unaffected.

Poseidon sent three Sirens to prevent Ulysses from returning to Ithaca, but Xena helped him avoid them by singing herself (as by this time, he was in love with her).

Discord sent this a Siren to waylay the Argonauts on their quest to retrieve the Golden Fleece. Her song lured them to the shore where she fed them enchanted food which caused them to become animalistic. In this state, two of the Argonauts killed each other (Young Hercules).

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