Serpent's Shadow
Herc 2 Serpent's Shadow
Hercules fighting the Klothon
Series Hercules: The Legendary Journeys
Publisher Boulevard Books
Antagonist Klothon, Hera
Setting Thebes, Themon, Year 1
Reference(s) ISBN 1-57297-214-9
Chapters 23
Pages 214
Release Date December 1996
Author Timothy Boggs
Book Chronology
Order in Series 2
Order in Publication 2
Previous Book By the Sword
Next Book The Eye of the Ram

Hercules and Iolaus receive an invitation to judge a small village's beauty contest, where a deadly sea serpent awaits them.

Publisher's summaryEdit

Hercules and his comrade-in-arms, Iolaus, heed the desperate plea of a small village. A deadly sea monster has been terrorizing the townsfolk, and only the great strength of Hercules can save them.
But the duo is in for a deadly shock, for as powerful as the sea serpent is, something far greater waits in its shadow. An old enemy of Hercules who wants him dead... once and for all!


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Background InformationEdit

  • This book markes the first in-continuity appearance by Poseidon in a Xenaverse publication. He had previously only been seen in the opening credits to Xena: Warrior Princess, which is referenced in his initial appearance to Hercules as a towering watery figure, before reverting to a more human-like appearance.
  • This is the only Boulevard novel to feature Iolaus in a major role.

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