Portrayed By Catherine Boniface
Created By Steven L. Sears
Series Xena: Warrior Princess
Only Appearance "Past Imperfect"
Gender Female
Status Presumed dead or Alive
Residence Corinth, Greece
Race Human (mortal)
Affiliations Xena, Borias, Dagnine, Demayeus, Solan, Corinth
Satrina was a character on Xena: Warrior Princess. Formerly a slave girl owned by Xena, she played a crucial part in the death of Xena's lover Borias.

Story Edit

After her former master, Demayeus, was killed by Xena, Satrina found herself among Xena's slaves. She was constantly at Xena's side, especially during her days of pregnancy. Satrina would often give Xena advice that she received from Demayeus, such as poisoning the food supply of the enemy soldiers. When Xena went into labor, Satrina was close by and gave her a flower which would take her pain away. The flower disoriented Xena, leaving Borias free to enter. When Satrina found Borias near Xena, she feigned loyalty to him after he promised to make her free. While he was turned away, she stabbed him in his leg, telling him that she won't let Borias take Xena away, as she is part of Satrina's destiny to build an empire. She revealed that she's going to learn as much as she can from Xena. When Borias attempted to flee to Xena's hut, Satrina alerted Dagnine, who killed Borias while Satrina aided Xena as she gave birth to Solan. Satrina escaped the battle between Xena's men and the Centaurs with Xena and her son, and presumably served Xena until she was released.

Later, Satrina set out on her own in order to fulfill her desired destiny to build her own empire. She used the lessons learned from the warlords that she had served, including Xena, in an attempt to take over Actus. She confronted Xena and revealed that Demayeus was not her master, but her lover, and that she had planned to take the city by collapsing the surrounding walls through a tunnel. Xena was able to defeat Satrina and used her chakram to stop the walls from collapsing. Instead, the tunnel collapsed around Satrina. When Gabrielle questioned if Satrina had survived, Xena noted that she probably did, as "she is a survivor."

Appearances Edit

Xena Warrior Princess Edit

  1. Past Imperfect

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