This article is about the artifact. You may be looking for the episode of the same name.

Needs Citation
Owner(s) Rhein Maidens
Series Xena: Warrior Princess

The Rheingold is a mystical metal that is extremely rare found in the Norselands where it is guarded by the Rhein Maidens. The Rheingold is said to be able to grant immense power; to tap into this power, one must have forsaken love, or else the Rheingold's power will kill whatever the user values the most.

This gold-like metal is extremely uncommon, only a small lump is thought to exist. While acting as a Valkyrie Xena used the Rheingold to forge a ring which when worn granted the wearer strength, dexterity, psychokinesis, and all the healing abilities of an immortal. Xena forced Grinhilda to wear the ring; having never sought its power and not having forsaken love, Grinhilda was turned into a hideous monster, having valued her beauty the most. Nearly thirty years later, it was discovered that Grinhilda had passed the ring on to her son Grindl, who was able to use it. After killing Grindl, Xena reluctantly wore the ring to try and stop Grinhilda and Odin, who wanted the ring for himself. Xena lost her memories, as she valued her sense of self more than anything. When Grinhilda was restored, the ring was returned to the Rhein Maidens.