Portrayed By Audie England
Series HTLJ
Romances Jordis
Hercules(thought her husband was dead at the time and it never got serious during the time she thought her spouse dead)
Affiliations Jordis
Brother(s) Gnossus
Other Family Jordis (husband)
Hephates (sister-in-law by Gnossus)

Rheanna was a rebel who fought against King Melkos. She was married to the leader of the rebels, Jordis. When Jordis fell from a waterfall and was presumed dead, Rheanna took over the rebel leadership and sought out Hercules and Iolaus to help in the fight. During their time together, Rheanna and Hercules developed feelings for one another. Rheanna felt guilty as her husband had only been dead two months. Amazingly, Jordis survived his fall. When he was revealed to be alive, Rheanna broke off her relationship with Hercules but after the rebels had defeated King Melkos, Rheanna kissed Hercules and told him that she would miss him.

Rheanna had a brother named Gnossus (and by him a sister-in-law named Hephates) who was murdered by Melkos' men.



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