Queen Omphale
Queen omphale
Portrayed By Elizabeth Hawthorne
Appearance Hercules and the Lost Kingdom
Affiliations Hercules, King Omphale, Waylin
Series Hercules: The Legendary Journeys
Omphale's palace

Omphale's Palace

Queen Omphale ruled her kingdom alone after her husband, King Omphale, died.

During Hercules' mission to restore Troy to its banished citizens, he had to retrieve The One True Compass from the collection of Omphale's late husband. In order to get an audience with the queen he had to allow himself to be sold to her as a slave. When brought to her chambers, Omphale revealed that she was aware of his true identity and had an idea of what he was after. She also hoped he would stay with her a while and ease her loneliness. Hercules declined, not wanting to take advantage of her and hoping to resolve the situation with Troy as soon as possible. Somewhat hurt by the rejection, Omphale allowed Hercules access to her husband's navigation instruments and allowed him to leave.


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In Greek mythology, Omphale was the Queen of Lydia, already in Asia Minor, not far from Troy. Her husband's name was not "Omphale" but actually Tmoulus (a name reused for another character in the series). As a noun, omphale (masculine form omphalos) means "navel".

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