Poseidon xena 3
Portrayed By Aubrey Graham
Series XWP
First Appearance XWP: "Ulysses"
Last Appearance Motherhood
Gender Male
Status Deceased
Also Known As Neptune
Cause of Death Fireball that was deflected by xena
Killed By Xena
Romances Amphitrite
Affiliations Olympian
Mother Rhea
Father Kronos
Brother(s) Zeus
Sister(s) Hera
Son(s) Triton

Poseidon is the Olympian God of the Seas, Earthquakes, Horses, Weather, Clear Skies, Storms, Winds and Tempests and the brother of both Zeus and Hades.

Appearances and Mentions on Young Hercules Edit

1.13 - Forgery Edit

  • Hephaestus mentions that Poseidon wants him to make another anchor. "You'd think he'd had enough of those already."

1.38 - Me, Myself, and Eye Edit

  • Cheiron is naming the statues, and indicates one that is holding a trident as, "Neptune, God of the Sea".
    • Neptune was the name that ancient Romans gave to the Greek god of the sea and earthquakes, Poseidon.

1.47 - Mila Edit

  • Hercules tells Mila, "Well, Y-you could be the daughter of, like, you know, Poseidon, or Apollo, or..." "...or Zeus!" Mila chimes in.
  • When Mila confronts Hercules, she asks, "What if my father turned out to be some god other than Zeus? Someone like, say, Hades or Poseidon... or even Ares?"

1.50 - Valley of the Shadow]] Edit

  • Vendor Christine tries to sell a fishing pole. "You'll steal a fish from Poseidon's plate."

Poseidon is one of the more vengeful gods, as proven when Cecrops selected Athena over Poseidon as the patron god of Athens. Poseidon, rather than accepting the judgment, cursed Cecrops to roam the seas for eternity; Athena countered by blessing Cecrops with immortality so that he could find a way out (which he eventually did) (XWP "Lost Mariner").

Poseidon also cursed Ulysses while the hero was on his voyage home from the Trojan War. Ulysses was aided by Xena and Gabrielle (just like Cecrops) and eventually prevailed against the sea god (XWP " Ulysses").

Xena deflected a fireball/bolt from Hades at Poseidon when the Greek Gods tried to kill Eve. (XWP " Motherhood").

He is the father of Triton, Antaeus, as well as Polyphemus (in the myths he was the father of many others, but none were ever featured). He is technically the first god to appear on Xena: Warrior Princess, as he appears briefly in the opening sequence in the first 5 seasons when the narrator mentions "ancient gods".


Unlike most of the other Olympians, Poseidon rarely appears in conventional human form, appearing instead as a gigantic man-shaped construct of water, wearing a crown and bearing his trident. It is unknown if this is his true appearance; it is likely just an alternate form (like the Ares Monster) that he uses for intimidation.


As an Olympian god, Poseidon possess immortality and a broad range of magical abilities. As the God of the sea Poseidon possesses complete control over the oceans and all who inhabit it. It is possible to get the better of Poseidon, but this is rare without some assistance from other gods.

As one of the most powerful of all the Olympian Gods second Only to Zeus and on par with Hera & Hades

Immortality: Poseidon has the ability to live infinite life span as well as immunity to all sorts of diseases.

Invincibility: Poseidon is invincible to all sorts of weapons (swords,axes,crossbows) as well as all magical powers from the Gods although these powers can hurt him but not kill him.

Atmokinesis: All Olympians has the power to control and manipulate the weather bring out storms , tornadoes ,rains and Lightning.

Pyrokinesis: Although he is a Sea God Poseidon has the power to control and manipulate fire whether by throwing Fire or Fireballs since all Gods have this power & even lesser Gods have it & Poseidon is Considered one of the most powerful of All the Olympian Gods second Only to Zeus and on Par with Hera & Hades

lightning: All Gods has the ability to shoot lightning capable of killing mortal to hurting other Gods

Healing: Poseidon has the ability to heal wounds but he can't heal mortal wounds ,but he as well as the rest of the Gods has to be blessed by Zeus himself or Athena's blessings to do so.

Hydrokinesis: Poseidon has the power to control and manipulate water and all forms of oceans like making powerful water waves.

Cryokinesis: Poseidon has the power to freeze all the oceans if he wants to.

Superhuman Strength: Poseidon super strength can send people flying as well as gods his strength is more powerful than Discord and Deimos as well as lesser Gods but equally as powerful to that of Athena ,Hades, Hera & Zeus.

Energy Blasts: Poseidon has the power to shoot powerful blue Energy blast capable of killing mortals and hurting Gods.

Teleportation: Poseidon has the ability to teleport to any place whatever he sees sees fit either on earth or Olympus.

Time Manipulation: All Gods has the power to manipulate time but they need Zeus's consent first.

Telekinesis: Poseidon has the ability to move objects & mortals with his mind.

Invisibility: All Gods have the power to make themselves invisible to all mortals they can't be seen or heard by them.

Divine Powers: Poseidon being of the most powerful of all the Olympians he posses range of Divine abilities like:

  • Reality warping: Poseidon Had the ability to manipulate Reality and do almost whatever he wants he used this ability to create Atlantis his Entire kingdom/city under the Oceans.
  • Cursing: Poseidon has the power of cursing people to make them wonder the oceans for all eternity except being rescued by other Gods.
  • Conjuration: Poseidon has the the power to conjure anything he wants like objects and beings.
  • Portal creation: Poseidon has the power to create portals to other Dimensions as well as controlling the worlds he creates.
  • Bestow and Remove powers: Poseidon has the ability to give and remove powers like when he gave his niece Nautika Heart that warms all seas & oceans if she stayed on lan for too long the entire seas & oceans of Seas will freeze.



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