Portrayed By Lloyd Scott
Appearance Hercules and the Amazon Women
Affiliations Franco, Gargarencians, Megara
Series Hercules: The Legendary Journeys
Cause of Death throat slit (reversed)
Killed By Hera

Pithus was a villager from Gargarencia. He was the father of Franco with Megara. He sought out Hercules for help when Amazons began attacking his home.

History Edit

Pithus and born and raised in Gargarencia, and grew up knowing of the neighbouring Amazon tribe as savages. Some time before the events of the episode, Pithus fathered a son named Franco with an Amazon named Megara, and it can be presumed that the two had met several times during the Amazons' yearly visits.

Eventually Pithus, alongside Ilus and Lethan, attempted to leave Gargarencia to find help, leading to both Ilus and Lethan being killed by the Amazons, and only Pithus escaping.

Pithus sought out the hero Hercules and his friend Iolaus to help him, telling him that their village was under attack from beasts, who had kidnapped all the women. Pithus brought the two to Gargarencia using a short cut.

Following Hercules' escape from the Amazons and his return to Gargarencia, Pithus was quick to explain the "attack" the Amazons were planning, telling him that it meant the Amazon's visit to procreate with them. Pithus used this opportunity to reunite his son with his mother Megara. All three spent the night together, with Pithus and Megara staying awake talking about a sleeping Franco. Megara told Pithus he had raised Franco well.

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