The cursed Parthus
Series Hercules: The Legendary Journeys
First Appearance "The Road to Calydon"
Last Appearance "Twilight"
Location Parthian Province, Greece
Inhabitants Iloran
King Stavros

Parthus is a kingdom and village in ancient Greece, home to the Parthans. Parthus was a neighboring kingdom to the Kaylans and was located within the Parthian Province.

During Hercules' youth, Parthus was a thriving kingdom, until they suffered a devastating drought. The neighboring Kaylans offered them hunting privileges in their western region. The Parthans took the opportunity to invade Kaylan territory, battling both the Kaylans and their staunch ally, the kingdom of Corinth. A small squad, consisting of Hercules, Calimachus, Iolaus, as well as King Jason of Corinth were able to sneak into Parthan territory and negotiate peace with King Stavros. The Kaylans and the Parthans agreed to share their territory.[1] Hercules' cousin, Iloran, grew up in Parthus.[2]

Parthus was once cursed by Hera when Zeus fell in love with a young maiden who lived there and gifted her a golden chalice. The maiden was turned into a dog and the village became uninhabitable.[3]

Not long after, Parthus was re-inhabited. It was attacked by Xena's army, led by Darphus, but not after Hercules managed to evacuate all the citizens again. It was at Parthus that Xena killed Darphus after a series of traps set up by Hercules and the Parthans disoriented the warriors.[4]



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