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King orestes king for day
King Orestes in "King For A Day"
Portrayed By Michael Hurst
Series Hercules: The Legendary Journeys
First Appearance "King For a Day"
Last Appearance "Long Live the King"
Also Known As Prince of Attica
King of Attica
Cause of Death shot with an arrow
Killed By Arcarius
Romances Niobe
Affiliations Attica
Father Oeneus
Brother(s) Minos
Other Family Xenophobius (grandfather)
Agoraphobius (great-grandfather)
Arachnophobius (great-great-grandfather)
Iolaus (Second Cousin)
Ania (Second Cousin-in-law)
Niobe (wife)

Orestes was the the son of King Oeneus. After Oeneus died, Orestes was to become king of Attica but his younger brother, Minos, plotted with General Archeus to poison Orestes so he could become king instead. Coincidentally, Iolaus, who was a distant cousin of Orestes' and who looked exactly like him, arrived in Attica at the same time. Orestes' lieutenant, Hector had Iolaus temporarily take Orestes' place so he could be crowned king and marry Princess Niobe. After the coronation, Iolaus assisted Hector in foiling Archeus' plot and re-instating Orestes as king (HTLJ "King For A Day").

About a year later, Orestes traveled to Garantis to propose a peace treaty to King Xenon. Xenon hired Arcarius to assassinate Orestes during a hunt. As he died in Iolaus' arms, Orestes asked his cousin to take his place and continue to forge peace so his death would not be in vain (HTLJ "Long Live the King").


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