Oracle of Delphi
Appearance XWP: "Callisto"

The Oracle of Delphi was the foremost Oracle of Greece and, for the majority of poeple in Greece, the best method of determining the will of the gods. Since demigods such as Hercules and hero such as Xena often dealt directly with the gods, the Oracle was not much of a concern for them.

The Oracle of Delphi told King Sisyphus that Daphne could bear his child (HTLJ "Highway to Hades").

Later Callisto tried to kill the Oracle with Xena's Chakram and lay the blame on Xena. Luckily, The warrior princess managed to thwart the assassination attempt before it even happened. (XWP "Callisto")

The Oracle told King Polonius that a child who was not of his house would become the ruler of Bethos. In typical Greek fashion, Polonius's reaction to the prophecy ensured that it would come true. (HTLJ "A Star to Guide Them").

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For more real-world information, see Pythia
  • There are mentions to other Oracles in the Xenaverse; many of these references may actually be referring to the Oracle of Delphi.
  • The Delphic Oracle, properly known as the Pythia, was the premier source of prophecy in ancient Greece, and wielded impressive ecclesiastical and political authority in classical times. In mythology, after Heracles murdered his wife an children in a fit of madness, it was the Pythia who told him to perform the Twelve Labors as penance. The Pythia later declared that Alcmene's body should be enshrined in the city of Megara, where she had died. This ruling averted a war between her descentadnt. The Pythia remained an important figure in historical ancient Greece, and it was allegedly a prophecy of hers that led to the Athenians constructing their world-famous navy.



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