Herc ost 3

One Dinar a Dance

One Dinar a Dance was written and performed for the Hercules: The Legendary Journeys episode "Greece is Burning". It is available on the Varese Sarabande album HTLJ Soundtrack Volume Three.


I once was a star, the belle of the ball
The queen of the floor, men begging for more
I used to believe that I had it all
But that was before my great fall
One dinar a dance, I don't twirl for free
I've fallen so low, no place left to go
I once was a star, as bright as could be
There once was a time when I danced just for me
One dinar a dance, One dinar a dance
I've fallen so low, no place left to go
My life's a disgrace, I'm lost in the race
So just let it be, like it or not, this is me

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