Games begin 06
The First Olympic Games in "Let the Games Begin"
Also Known As Olympic Games
Character(s) Involved Hercules, Atalanta, Salmoneus, Damon, Brontus

The Olympics were a series of sporting events held on a regular basis in ancient Greece. Both men and women could compete. They were founded by Hercules who intended them to stop the war between the Spartans and Eleans by showing the soldiers they could compete without battle. The first Olympics consisted of 5 events including Running, Jumping, Javelin Throwing, Discus Throwing and Boxing. Atalanta won the very first Olympic event by throwing a javelin farther than anyone else. At the first Olympics, the prizes were olive wreaths made by Salmoneus. It was also Salmoneus who came up with the name of the event and who created the symbol of the Olympic Torch (HTLJ: "Let the Games Begin").

Earlier Olympic games existed, including the location of the Olympic pancration (YH: "Winner Take All").

A version of the Olympics were played well into the 20th century. Jerry Patrick Brown attended the Olympics in Korea (HTLJ: "Yes, Virginia, There is a Hercules").


Other MentionsEdit

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