Portrayed By Lucy Liu
Appearance "The March to Freedom"
Affiliations Cyrus
Series Hercules: The Legendary Journeys

Oi-Lan was an accomplished martial artist from the far East, possibly from Chin. She told Hercules that her father, who ruled a province, banished her because her mother was not his first wife. After she left home, she wandered lonely until she met Cyrus. They fell in love and intended to settle and build a home. They encountered Belus who told them he could lead them to a safe place to settle but instead, he sold them into slavery. Hercules and Iolaus pooled their money to purchase Oi-Lan for 400 dinars in order to give her freedom. Once they released her, Oi-Lan left for Libya to find Cyrus who had been sold for the Libyan Animal Games. Hercules helped her along the road and together, they rescued Cyrus and the other slaves.

Later, Alcmene offered her home for the site of Oi-Lan and Cyrus' wedding and as a wedding gift, Hercules gave them the land he used to live on with Deianeira.