Odin 2
Alexander Petersons as Odin, in "Return of the Valkyrie"
Portrayed By Peter McCauley (HTLJ)
Alexander Petersons (XWP)
Series Hercules: The Legendary Journeys
Xena: Warrior Princess
First Appearance "Norse by Northwest" (HTLJ)
"The Rheingold" (XWP)
Last Appearance "Somwhere Over the Rainbow Bridge" (HTLJ)
"You Are There" (XWP)
Romances Frigga
Affiliations Asgardians
Son(s) Thor
Grindl (possibly)

Odin was king of the Norse Gods, ruler of Asgard and lord of Valhalla. He is the Asgardian equivalent of Zeus. Odin divides his time between Valhalla, home of his Valkyries, and Asgard, home of the rest of the Norse Pantheon.

Odin first met Xena after she had returned from Chin and was travelling through the Norselands. She rescued him from eternal torture and in return he made her one of his favoured Valkyries. She was taught the ancient Runes and attempted to harness the great power they held. She was banished from the Valkyrie for abusing her position and forging The Ring, which turned fellow Valkyrie Grinhilda into a vile monster.

A few years later, Odin hosted Hercules when the hero came to call following a vision of Baldur's death. Like Baldur, Odin swiftly grew fond of Hercules and accepted him into his confidence, much to the concertation of his other sons, Thor and Loki. When Frigga fretted about Baldur's fate, Odin offered to extract a promise from every known material and in the Norselands that they would never harm Baldur. When Baldur wound up being killed anyway, Odin grew despondent, resigned to not only the death of his son but to the advent of Ragnarok. Losing his powers, Odin asked Hercules to take him to Frigga, who had already been frozen solid as the ice enclosed Asgard. At her side, Odin succumbed to death. These events were reversed when Hercules realized Loki was behind the Ragnarok and the hero repainted the Book of Fate.

Some 25 years later, When Grindl found a way out of his prison and began massacring villagers, Xena worked with Beowulf and his crew to set things right. Odin descended from Valhalla in the hopes of gaining The Ring for himself, claiming that he had forsaken love after his experience with Xena years earlier. Odin was eventually thwarted, Grinhilda freed, and the ring returned to the Rheinmaidens.

A few months later, Odin was besieged by Xena, who, in spite of having lost her ability to kill gods, was able to subdue him. Technically, Odin was incidental to Xena's true goal: she needed the Golden Apples to restore Ares's and Aphrodite's godhood and thus humanity's ability to love. Odin, however, like most onlookers, assumed Xena wanted godhood for herself and thus opposed her.

Powers and Abilities Edit

Odin theoretically possesses a power level of equal to that of Zeus, but he hasn't demonstrated it- this concurs with a general vagueness about how powerful the individual pantheons are in the Xenaverse. He is immortal like all gods and has demonstrated the typical powers of teleportation and fire-throwing. In what may be a unique ability, Odin also possesses runic magic.


Odin's character is widely different in his appearances on HTLJ and XWP. In Hercules, Odin is a dignified character who is the wise and respected elder patriarch of a volatile family. He is deeply in love with his wife Frigga and cares about what happens to the mortals who worship him and his divine family. Odin here is intended as a foil for the philandering and uncaring perception of Zeus that Hercules is familiar with.

In XWP, Odin appears much younger, far shorter-tempered, and has a habit of sleeping with his Valkyries. This is true for the character both in flashback and in the present (occurring both before and after his more dignified HTLJ appearance). No explanation was offered for the change in what is presumably the same character. Myths do exist for both interpretations of Odin's character, however.



Hercules: The Legendary JourneysEdit

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  2. "Somewhere Over the Rainbow Bridge"

Xena: Warrior PrincessEdit

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  2. "The Ring"
  3. "Return of the Valkyrie"
  4. "You Are There"

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