Niobe king for day
Niobe in "King For A Day"
Portrayed By Lisa Ann Hadley
Series HTLJ
First Appearance HTLJ "King For a Day"
Last Appearance HTLJ "Long Live the King"
Gender Female
Status Alive
Residence Attica
Race Mortal
Also Known As Queen of Attica
Romances Iolaus
Affiliations Attica
Other Family Orestes (husband)
Minos (brother-in-law)
Oeneus (father-in-law)
Xenophobius (grandfather-in-law)
Agoraphobius (great-grandfather-in-law)
Arachnophobius (great-great-grandfather-in-law)
Iolaus (second cousin-in-law)
Ania (second cousin-in-law by Iolaus)

Niobe was a princess who had to marry whomever was king of Attica. She married King Orestes shortly after his coronation without knowing that he was actually Iolaus in the place of Orestes. As they spent time together, she fell in love with Iolaus. When his identity was eventually revealed, Niobe asked Iolaus if his feelings for her had been an act and he responded that they had not been. Niobe remained married to Orestes. Niobe was one of the best archers in Attica (HTLJ "King For A Day").

Later, Niobe and Orestes developed the idea of a united league of kingdoms. Niobe wrote most of the proposed treaty and she accompanied Orestes to Garantis to meet with King Xenon. There, she correctly feared that Xenon would try to have Orestes killed. After his death, Iolaus briefly took his cousin's place and Niobe's love for him was rekindled (HTLJ "Long Live the King").


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