Portrayed By Cliff Curtis
Cause of Death Stabbed, Crushed by cave-in
Killed By Hercules
Affiliations Nessus
Brother(s) Nessus

Nemis the Centaur was the twin brother of Nessus. He used to work on the farm owned by Penelope's father in Nespa. He fell in love with Penelope who only considered him a friend. After Hercules killed Nessus, Nemis wanted revenge. Hera answered his prayers by giving him a deadly club to use against Hercules. At Penelope's wedding to Marcus, Nemis had Lyla poison Hercules with a drink that made him temporarily blind. With the hero thus afflicted, Nemis, Deric and Craesus abducted Penelope and her maid of honour, Cheris.

That night, Hercules was able to wound Nemis with his own club in a fight that caused a cave-in in the cavern where Nemis had taken Penelope. In his dying act, Nemis held up a broken beam keeping the cavern intact just long enough for Hercules to help Penelope escape.


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