Portrayed By Bruce Hopkins
Appearance "Regrets... I've Had a Few"
Affiliations Bartoc, Jaris
Series Hercules: The Legendary Journeys

Nehemiah was a farmer. He had two sons: Bartoc and Jaris. After Hercules accidentally killed Bartoc he took the fallen youth's body home to Nehemiah for burial. Nehemiah was angry when he discovered that Hercules had killed his son but when a large gang attacked Nehemiah's farm Hercules and Iolaus helped him defend it. After that, he thanked Hercules for his help.

Nehemiah believed he had failed Bartoc as a father for letting his son associate with gangs (which led to his death). He hoped that he would be a better father to Jaris. It is unknown how or when Nehemiah died but when he was, he was buried next to Bartoc.


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