Hercules Love On The Rocks
Portrayed By Angela Dotchin
First Appearance HTLJ "Love on the Rocks"
Last Appearance HTLJ "My Best Girl's Wedding"
Gender Female
Race Immortal, Mermaid
Romances Iolaus II
Father Triton
Other Family Iolaus II (Husband)
Poseidon (Grandfather)
Amphitrite (Grandmother)
Kronos (Paternal-Paternal Great-Grandfather)
Rhea (Maternal-Paternal Great-Grandmother)
Oceanus (Paternal-Maternal Great-Grandfather)
Tethys (Maternal-Paternal Great-Grandmother)
Uranus (Great-Great-Grandfather)
Gaea (Great-Great-Grandmother)
Hestia (Great-Aunt)
Demeter (Great-Aunt)
Hades (Great-Uncle)
Persephone (Great-Aunt/First cousin-once removed)
Zeus (Great-Uncle)
Hera (Great-Aunt)
Polyphemus (half-uncle/half-second cousin-once removed)
Discord (first cousin-once removed)
Strife (second cousin by Discord)
Hephaestus (first cousin-once removed)
Aphrodite (first cousin-once removed-in-law)
Ares (first cousin-once removed)
Cupid (second cousin by Aphrodite and Hephaestus)
Psyche (second cousin-in-law by Cupid)
Bliss (second cousin-once removed by Cupid and Psyche)
Deon (second cousin by Aphrodite and Jacobus)
Jacobus (father of Deon)

Nautica is the Mermaid daughter of Triton. Poseidon gifted Nautica with a heart so pure it warms the seas.

Nautica falls in love with Iolaus II when Discord gives her legs.


Nautica marries alternate Iolaus in "My Best Girl's Wedding". This happens at the end of the episode where alternate Iolaus feels that it isn't fair she leave her home to be with him, as well as understanding how it feels to leave a home himself. Aphrodite agrees to turn him into a merman after overhearing him talk of this. Source