Monster Child in the Promised Land
Series Hercules: The Legendary Journeys
Season 3
Original Air-Date November 4, 1996
Written By John Schulian
Directed By John T. Kretchmer
Episode Chronology
Previous Episode "Not Fade Away"
Next Episode "The Green-Eyed Monster"
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Monster Child Title


Hercules and Iolaus are given news that Echidna and Typhon have just had a baby monster, Obie.

Meanwhile, Klepto has been thrown "out of order" by Bluth, one of Hera's men, until he can prove he is worth something. Klepto decides to pick pockets since he feels that is what he does best. He steals the proclamation of Obie's birth from Iolaus.

When Klepto arrives at the den of Echidna and Typhon and manages to charm them into believing he is trustworthy and secure. After Echidna goes to take a nap and Typhon goes for a walk, he kidnaps Obie.

Echidna is enraged and Hercules and Typhon go to find him while Iolaus stays to comfort her.

Bluth, meanwhile, has taken Obie and is examining him to determine if he'll be a good vicious monster, but is stopped as Klepto arrives with Hercules and Typhon.

A fight ensues in which Klepto, Typhon, and Hercules get the baby back and head to the den.

Klepto accompanies them to apologize to Echidna personally.

When Typhon and Hercules confirm Klepto's sincerity, she agrees and welcomes him. Iolaus asks what is going on and Hercules replies, "Every parents dream: finding a baby-sitter."


"Out of respect for Baby Obie, no calamari was served to the cast and crew during the production of this motion picture."


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Memorable QuotationsEdit

Bearded Man: "What's the matter? Don't you wanna bite our ears off?"
Hercules: "Boy, did we pick the wrong place."
Bearded Man: "Or did you just come to steal our women?"
Men's Voices: "Yeah!"
Iolaus: "What women?"
Woman: "That little fellow never said they were this cute."
Bearded Man: "That tears it! Kill them!"
Hercules: "For being cute?"

–Before the bar fight breaks out

"You never told me the baby's name."
"It's Obvious."
"What is?"
"No, its name – Obvious. Uh, Ob—hang on. I–I'm just gonna check it cause I had it written down. Where's it gone?! I had it here! Where's it gone?! I had the announcement on a piece of paper right here. It's gone! I can't believe! That little guy from the village. He picked my pocket!"
"You don't have any pockets."
"It's a figure of speech."

Hercules and Iolaus

"Klepto. He picked my pocket!"
"You don't have any pockets!"
"It's a figure of speech."

Iolaus and Echidna

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