King midas
Portrayed By Noel Trevarthen
Series HTLJ
Affiliations Flaxen

King Midas was the ruler of Midasius. He was once cursed or gifted by the gods with the ability to turn anything he touched into gold. After he lost that ability he became a well-liked king. He helped guide his people through difficult times when floods and droughts decimated the population of Midasius. When Voluptua and Segallus suggested he open a gambling palace called the Golden Touch to help distract his people from their troubles, he agreed. Midas and his daughter, Flaxen, worked at the Golden Touch and became almost subjugated by Voluptua and Segallus until Hercules and Salmoneus arrived. Hercules helped Midas realize that the gambling palace was hindering, not helping, the Midasians. The hero helped Midas re-claim his kingdom.

Background informationEdit

  • In mythology, King Midas was usually associated Phrygia, a kingdom in Asia Minor. He was said in some versions to have died of starvation after gaining the golden touch, but in others, he managed to give the gift back and became a wandering bard. In these stories, he judged a contest in favor of Pan instead of Apollo, who cursed him with the ears of a donkey. Stories about Midas are difficult to analyze because it seems to have been a common royal name in Phrygia (at least as common as "Henry" was to English kings in the real world), so many actions attributed to the mythical Midas might be more properly things his legendary or even historical descendants did.