First Mention HTLJ: "Once a Hero"
Last Mention RPG: "Hero's Guide"

Queen Medea was the one-time wife of Jason. Jason left her to marry Glauce.

As a Princess from Colchis betrothed to Jason, Medea helped chronicle the monsters Jason had fought when he was with the argonauts.[1]

Sometime after his betrayal, Medea killed Glauce and Jason's children. This event caused Jason to delve into severe alcoholism, which was taken advantage of by Castor.[2]

Background informationEdit

  1. RPG: "Hero's Guide"
  2. HTLJ: "Once a Hero"

Another character named Medea appeared in "Medea Culpa," although there appears to be little similarity.

Both characters were based on the mythological Medea (Greek: Μήδεια), a priestess of Hecate who originated from Colchis. The children she killed were her own with Jason, although that wasn't specified in the episode.

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