Marga's tribe is one of the many scattered Amazon tribes. 25 years after Xena and Gabrielle's dormant sleep, Ares attempts to steal their stock of hidden ambrosia to regain his godhood and almost stops a war under the influence of the Furies but is stopped by Xena.

Varia is Marga's second in command and takes over for her when she is killed. Varia constantly bumps heads with Xena because of her brashness and hotheadness and her willingness to kill her daughter Eve because of her taking her Amazon sisters as slaves and murdering others during her time as Livia.

Under Varia, the many Amazon tribes attempt to come together to rebuild the Amazon Nation.

However, in the Season 6 episode To Helicon and Back, the Amazons were attacked and nearly decimated by Bellerophon, the demigod son of Artemis who wished to kill the Amazons because "they turned their backs on her during the Twilight of the Gods."

Aesthetically, Marga's Tribe occupies a middle ground between the Telaquire amazons and the Northern Amazons. Like the Telaquires, Marga's tribe favors skimpy leather outfits and bright colors, but like the Northern Amazons they decorate their outfits with animal horns and coins.

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