You may also be looking for another Marcus
Portrayed By Paul Willis
Appearance HTLJ "Mercenary"
Affiliations Sparta
Series HTLJ

Marcus was one of Sparta's magistrates, and was known for being more interested in furthering his career than the individuals he judged. He held Spartan law in high esteem over even common justice. He was not above holding trials without the presence of the accused (in abstentia) and withholding counsel from the accused.

He seemed to enjoy sentencing others to death as he seemingly had a smile when he rendered judgement on the man who was brought before him prior to Derkus Petronicus. He ordered him to be executed in a calm and cold demeanor before requesting the next case in the same tone. He seemingly smiled at the man who was dragged away, begging for mercy, claiming he had only acted as he did to feed his family.

When Derkus Petronicus was brought before him, Marcus asked what his crime was in a bored tone. Upon being informed, he smiled before sentencing him to death with a seeming eagerness (showing possible sadism). When Hercules asks if Derk is going to get a trial, Marcus says he was tried in abstentia and found guilty with seeming pleasure (showing schaudenfreude). When Hercules states he meant a fair trial and asks about counsel being provided, Marcus responds that "This is Spartan law.". He then asks Hercules in a challenging tone: "You do believe in the law, don't you?", before walking up close to him. Hercules responds in a firm tone: "I believe in Justice.". Marcus responds with "Hmm- justice.", before chuckling, seemingly finding the statement extremely amusing. He then smirks at Hercules before turning his head and rolling his eyes. As he walks back to his seat, Hercules begins to protest but Derk tells him to "Save your breath. Spartans have their own 'kind' of Justice."


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